Our office performs many different types of cosmetic dentistry procedures. From one single porcelain crown to a full mouth reconstruction and implants, my staff and I can help make your smile even better!

Before: As a result of extensive periodontal (gum) disease along with years of tooth neglect, this patient finally thought it was time to make a change.
After: After extracting the patients natural teeth and treating the chronic infection, we were able to place implants on the upper and lower to secure implant supported dentures. The patient is very happy with the results!

Before: This patient had extreme discoloration of the teeth due to a medication taken as a young child.

After: We placed porcelain crowns on the involved teeth resulting in an attractive smile.

Before: This patient had severely worn teeth, unwanted spaces, and fillings that did not match the patients natural teeth. The patient also had sensitivity issues and an incorrect bite making it difficult to eat various foods and drinks. 
After: We replaced missing teeth with implants in the molar areas and prepared the remainder of the patients teeth for porcelain crowns to give the patient an attractive and pleasant smile. The patient has never been happier!